Bureau of Meterology - Climate statistics for Australian locations

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  1. Comment

    They have lots of goodies at And its just FTP which makes it easy to access the data and see what data is available. They even document their naming conventions

    Not sure about their "Registered User Services", I mean I don't know if these services have extra data that isn't already available.

    They use a permissible license for this data as well,

    "Permission can be granted to download and redistribute all the standard forecasts, charts and climate and summary information that are currently freely available on the Bureau Web site. These can be downloaded from the Web or from the FTP site.

    Permission for downloading, repackage any registered Bureau user services requires separate formal negotiations as set out in the Access Regime.

    The standard conditions for downloading from the Web or the FTP server for repackaging and/or re-distribution are:

    * the Bureau of Meteorology should be identified as the source of the information

    * the Bureau of Meteorology's copyright be acknowledged

    * that the information is presented with the permission of the Bureau

    * any Bureau copyright statement or logo included in a product must be retained

    * responsibility of any repackaging, including quality and timeliness of the services, should be clearly stated as that of the host organisation

    * all text or graphical re-presentation of forecasts must include the issue time and date and the validity of the period

    * the web services on which Bureau of Meteorology data and products are displayed, should contain a prominent link to the Bureau's home page

    * there are significant quality control and liability issues for any secondary distributor associated with the redistribution of warnings. Therefore a pointer to our warning page is recommended in preference to downloading from the Web or FTP. A more reliable source of text based forecasts and warnings for commercial distribution is a dedicated line connection to our message switching system (CMSS) This is a registered user service provided on a subscription basis."