Site for targeted collaboration around policy

I'm taking this site at its word, and throwing out a raw concept --- this is mostly stream-of-consciousness and not fully thought through --- Brainstorming in fact.


It would be interesting to develop a site that allows targeted discussion on issues of policy. This would be a cross between a forum, a mailing-list, a wiki, and ultimately a collaborative faq.


This would allow a convener to post a specific matter of interest. This would kick-off a discussion thread, supporting both email and rss/web interaction. There would also need to be a revision controlled "response" page, edits to which would be injected, with supporting annotations and metadata into the thread for further discussion. Then by selecting from amongst these proposed "revision sets", a final draft-response would be able to generated; submitted for consensus sounding; and ultimately advanced to a final editing and polish before final publication.


This would support widespread, open collaboration; while, providing structure, focus, and process-support to help bring the discussion to a concrete result.


The final product would then be a question linked to a response annotated with the discussion, revision-sets, and edits that generated it.


Other features worth considering might include:


- Cross-linking support between discussions.

- Multiple non-authoritative illustrative drafts able to be generated by members.

- Metadata and Source feeds for use in external mashups.



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