Templated and wiki-ed standard guideline documentation for gov 2.0 (for agencies)

Similar to the UK Twitter Template for Government and the USAF counter-blogging model, the Australian government could tap into best practice initiatives within Australia and overseas to provide standard template documentation for some of the common requirements for government 2.0 initiatives.


This would include documentation such as blog moderation principles, twitter guidelines, forum management guidelines and guidelines around participation in third party systems.


These model documents could be referenced by any government agencies who wish to employ these strategies online.


Equally a guide to which social media tools to apply in which circumstances, similar to those developed by Bang the Table, would help government agencies engage appropriately and improve the probability of online success.


Even more innovatively - these documents could be produced through a wiki-based system - perhaps GovDex - tapping into the expertise that already exists across government.


This breaks down silos and streamlines the ability of departments to enter into Gov 2.0


The concept could be expanded over time to provide standardised documentation across many areas - HR policies, IT policies, Communications plans structures, and so on.



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