Educate the oldies

The overwhelming majority of senior people in government are on the wrong side of the digital divide - they are not part of the Digerati, in fact, they might be better described as closet luddites.


This isn't their fault; it’s just a plain, simple, generational fact. If they were using computers at all when they went to high school, today’s 50+ year-old senior manager was using punch cards as the principle input method for computers. At university, they may have been one of the much envied owners of a scientific calculator. These seniors need to be brought into the 21fst, collaborate-or-die, sharing-is-the-norm, multiple-networks-are-good, century, or else none of your other great ideas will flourish.


Some have suggested that we banish this cohort to some far-off land, so that the next generation can take over.

I haven’t given up on the 50+ demographic just yet – I think that they can still be saved, and that is why I am proposing an educational campaign that would have a remedial effect on their latent ludditism.



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