IP Rights Default to Creator

Most governments by default keep IP rights, and thus the right to prevent open sourcing the code. In SA at least there are provisions that allow staff to retain IP rights in very special circumstances, with high-level approvals.


What if we changed that so IP rights by default go to the creator, with a perpetual license to the government department that commissioned the work? Only with affirmative effort would government be the IP owner. This means government could keep the IP it really wanted to protect and the rest is not restricted.


I think this would aid the GovForge concept by permitting staff developers to legally open source thier code without needing senior executive permission each time.


The status quo is that open sourcing is not safe for staff developers, most government IP does not generate secondary value in the economy.


This doesn't really apply in the same way to the big-end-of-town consulting firms, because they have typically been able to negotiate IP interest in software devloped on behalf of government.



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