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Victorian Department of Transport - VISTA 07 analytical and visualisation web site

In October 2009 the Victorian Department of Transport will be making available a free, public, interactive analytical and visualisation service that will give exceptional access to data from the Victorian Integrated Survey of Travel and Activity for 2007 (known as VISTA 07). This facility will enable users to analyse key transport themes at a local government area level. It will prove useful to the Department itself, to other state and regional public sector agencies, community organisations, planners, developers and the general public.


VISTA 07 is a detailed survey of Victorian’s travel patterns conducted between May 2007 and June 2008. It captures the ‘why’, ‘when’ and ‘how’ of personal travel within Victoria, containing information about the journeys people make and related activity information from over 17,000 households and 43,000 participants in Melbourne and key regional centres. The data from VISTA 07 helps the state government, local governments and planners make better infrastructure decisions and has contributed to the Melbourne Transport Plan.


VISTA 07 and subsequent VISTA surveys are critical to ensuring that transport and land-use planning decisions in Victoria are reflective of the actual travel behaviour of Victorians. The online analytical web site to be made available will allow many more members of the public to participate in informed discussion about Victoria’s transport infrastructure needs. It directly speaks to the Gov 2.0 theme of promoting openness and accountability through greater and more useful access to Public Sector Information (PSI).



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