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SLIP Developers Program

The SLIP Developers Program is a unique government/private partnership that leverages the expertise and responsiveness of the private sector to provide information solutions from the vast amount of government data available through the online Western Australian Shared Land Information Platform (SLIP). As government is the major collector of data throughout Australia, the program provides online access to SLIP for authorised developers who are able to quickly respond to the public’s needs for information anywhere and anytime providing a complete understanding of the interest area. This developers program, led by Landgate (the Western Australian Land Information Authority) is positioning itself as a workable model that utilises Web 2.0 technologies to allow governments to collaborate with community groups, provide information and ensure the needs of citizens for complete information are being met.


Recently, Landgate has established a seed funding model for authorised SLIP Developers to identify opportunities that will develop new and innovative ways of delivering, analyzing and using the data made available through SLIP. This seed funding allows developers to invest in a ‘proof of concept’ that can be showcased to gain support and further investment. An example from the seed funding model for the program is the development of a location-based service tool that draws upon crowd-sourcing technologies to deliver information from SLIP, customised to the needs of the public, and linked to other Web 2.0 applications such as Facebook. This tool would not have been possible without the linkages of government information and private sector expertise providing cohesion between social networks, citizen needs and government information.


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