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Gov 2.0 and Public Sector Change

Hi Steve Davies here - Current APS public servant, previously S.A and N.T. I am new to the taskforce space, but due to my work over the last 9 years far from new to the concepts and technology.


Due to the work I have done over the past 9 years - and my 30 years plus as a public servant - one of the things that concerns me is the gap between Gov 2.0 and what happens within Agencies. If we don't get the internal wheels spinning in sync with the external then we have 'drag'.


My observation and experience indicates that what needs to happen is for the walls within and between Agencies to become more permeable so that good ideas from the community can get in and so that those of public servants can be shared. With each other and the community which we are part of. Nothing new in that really.


Agencies can no longer be fortresses and the community can no longer afford to be the cost of them being so.


I think the big blocker in all this is corporate areas within Agencies. They need to stop being fortresses within.


So what I have started to do and it would be great to have people shaping is OZloop >>>


Also check out to see the great work of Steve Ressler.



Cheers - Steve Davies



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