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Feeding Frenzy

Young mums have a hard time when they have no support network around them, or no healthy role models. Becoming a mum can be a daunting task for anyone - sometimes the best educated and most successful professional finds it the hardest.

Statistics on the eating habits of our children show we need to make changes in how we feed our kids right from the start. We need to be changing ideas on how and what to feed our kids.

Research into how best to do that is inconclusive as far as I can see. One idea I have is to build a digital network (young mums are often too exhausted to leave the house) where other mums can give their ideas that have worked, and someone with training and experience can give guidance and mentoring. This could be advertised in the maternity wards.

Statistical data available could feed who is targeted and how they are targeted. There could even be the need to provide basic computer and internet connection to some young mums who wish to participate but are economically disadvantaged.



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