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Quit Smoking - A Badge of Honour

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IDEA for a NEW and more powerful and successful QUIT SMOKING MEDIA CAMPAIGN - All types of happy people who have quit saying "I quit" - cast of thousands on the screen who quit every year - all show their own "I quit" badge that looks like a medal of honour. SEHC will work with the Quit campaign to develop this project. Include co-op members to develop media campaign skills. Include Film Victoria for expertise and funding. SEHC will promote to all 380 or so low income residents in the 160 properties we manage and to the housing sector across Victoria. Members will achieve participation requirements required under the Co-op Act (Victorian) and gain employable skills. Individuals across all ages and types in the community will see positive effects of giving up (thousands have) as role models, learn vicariously, be encouraged to join those who have given up. Wear the “I Quit” badge of honour branded to marketing goods such as T shirts in a funky style that appeals to the young. Will save millions in health care costs and low income people thousands over a lifetime of being smoke free.

Please see also email with my job title. I have a business degree and psycholgy degree (post Grad diploma). SEHC is the largest Rental Housing Co-op in the state of Victoria (NfP). Co-op members elect a Board and govern their co-op. I have media qualifications. The project would be funded in part by Community Capacity Building funds from the DHS, and from Film Victoria and the nationally backed QUIT campaign. Project has great potential for acceptance and success nationally.



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