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Carbon Maps

Maps are powerful visual tools and can be used to make the invisible tangible. Greenhouse gas emissions are difficult to portray. For community, planners and decision makers we need to show what is happening at the local level. Our vision is to have the capacity to create a local Carbon Map.

The Carbon Map provides a visual profile of energy use and carbon emissions for a local region. The Carbon Map will bring together data such as land use, electricity and gas consumption, industry type and density Bringing together a series of data sets and research - spatial, land use, zoning, sectoral (residential, commercial and industrial energy) and sub sectoral (housing types and business profiles) and actual consumption of energy overlayed using GIS software would provide an integrated picture of carbon intensity and location. This would create a powerful visual representation of local consumption.

The Carbon Map has the potential to be a key communication tool to build carbon literacy, assist the community understand their emissions profile and participate in action. With consistent data updates it would become an effective tool to monitor and communicate their progress.

This visual profile will allow effective planning and targeting of energy efficiency programs and energy supply at a regional scale of value to policy, planners, program development, governments and business.

It could be further used to demonstrate different energy scenarios to inform planners, developers and community of low emissions options and impacts. This is especially pertinent in urban renewal and activity centre areas.



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