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Interconnecting within other Parent & Citizen Associations

Parents, relatives and or community persons who contribute to the volunteer efforts to raise funds for their preferred school, would always benefit from the ideas and social inclusions from other parent & citizens associations within their zoned area, state and or federal surroundings. Being slightly isolated in a rural setting eliminates opportunities for the parents and communities to encompass similar ideas and benefits for our schools. If we were to utilise the names and contact details of every school and the parent and citizens associations connected within it obtained from the federation of parent and citizen associations, we could convene where parenting forums could be organised, liaise on several issues of concern, brain storm on community partnerships, improving policy and procedures resources availability for parent and citizens associations. Arranging to set up an internet based portal where a 'chat room' takes place and has a secure login would bring together many new relationships and networks within a parent and citizen group. Each parent and citizen member would need to undergo a working with children check in order to fulfill the criteria.

Information is empowerment, and the only way by achieving this would be to connect with other parent and citizens of other schools. This can improve relationships between parents, teachers and the community. This can also improve educational outcomes, better parenting support, parenting behaviour, and understanding the socio economic levels in different communities.

It would bring about endless opportunities particularly for improving education.



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