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Data on Disabled Parking Permits and Vehicle Modifications

The Disabled Motorists Association would like to see government data available on the numbers of Australians who hold a disabled parking permit and who have vehicle modifications.

Currently this information is not nationally available or readily identified in state or local government-based information. Such information should be available at a national level as well as by state and municipal boundaries. This would allow a much more accurate picture of population clusters and areas of special need, such as in rural or remote communities.


Having quick access to the numbers of people who have disabled parking permits or who drive (or are passengers in) vehicles with modifications would assist the public and not-for-profit groups to gain a clearer view of the level of need there is for better access and mobility in the Australian population. As well, national and state planners and policy makers, road and municipal authorities would have far more accurate information as a basis for their planning and service provision.



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