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Community Home Management Advisors

All too often there is a great gulf between the aquisition and the appolication of knowledge and skills.

A number of years ago I visited an American Indian reservation and local community where a Home Management Advisor was employed to work with community members by providing residents (especially mothers) with advise on how to apply nutiritional knowledge in the choice and preparation of nutirtious family meals and in the management of a houshold budget, if necessary..

The Home Management Advisor was trained in Home Economics and worked out of a walk centre within the local shopping area. She was available for demonstrations in supermarkets or in a local community hall or home for individuals or community groups, provided a weekly newsletter/recipe sheet, was available to go into a home (by invitation only) to advise on home management e.g. storage of food/healthy meal planning/budgeting/food preparation etc.

If home management advisorary system could be established and if they developed a good rapport with household managers, perhaps many of our community health problems could be prevented and housholds would be able to make their family income go further.



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