Not for Profit PSI

Computer Access, Training & Help with Mobile Phones

I list this under new ideas but its a established one that needs to continue and is in crisis at this time. In Hervey Bay we have had a group established of which I now coordinate, for over 10 years with funding that finished 5 years ago, it still battles on. Since June 2009 there has been NO FUNDING at all and this service which in a heavily populated area of retirees must continue. Its is a not for profit org. Myself and my great volunteers can only volunteer so many hours per week, we all use our own fuel and some assist 3 - 4 days a week so the dedication is extreme. If a class is to run we still have to pay the trainer and allow for rent and internet etc, and this year it has been very tight every for clients to pay a min amount.

Any work for the dole project also has ceased. We have for over 4 years trained the unemployed in web page design and other community not for profits received a free website they could not normally afford,this has been our only source of funds and with a very tight budget have even managed to keep the doors open.

The service is set up, rooms networked and we just need help to cover things like the rent etc. If we needed a photocopier or new equipment, we can go and get a grant, but necessities such as wages and every day expenses are not covered when it seems we don't come under a lot of grant opportunities.

With times as they are sponsors are also difficult to find.



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