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Ever wanted to find out where government grants & subsidies go? Want to figure out whether more $$ is being spent subsidising coal-fired power plants or renewable energy? Curious about which companies, industries & areas benefit most from different kinds of government spending? How about we start - a site that would collate data currently available (in not-particularly-accessible formats) from: -

-Budget papers



-Annual Treasury tax expenditures statements


...& anywhere else relevant to produce a website along the lines of that recently launched by Pew Charitable Trusts in the US:


A website like this could allow government industry policy to be more easily tracked over time. It could make the levels of federal government support for different industry sectors more transparent, and also make it easier to track the beneficiaries of different industry grant programs etc as they are taken up. A website like this will become particularly useful if/when the CPRS comes into effect, to track the compensation provided to different companies and sectors over time.


Features might include:

*'adopt a subsidy' - allowing interested citizens to sign up to help track the cost and distribution of a particular subsidy over time

*'adopt a dataset' - allowing volunteers to 'check out' inaccessible data to transform into more accessible formats

*geotagging of any data on subsidy distribution, allowing subsidies to be mapped by electorate, by regional average income & unemployment, etc

*User rating of subsidies by sustainability, 'job dividend' and 'innovation dividend'

*'submit a visualisation' - users could download datasets, run them through different publicly-available visualisation tools, and resubmit



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