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Surf Life Saving NSW - Rescue Package

Emergency Response

18 months ago Surf Life Saving NSW implemented a 24-7 emergency call out system to assist emergency services when a coastal emergency occurred outside of patrol hours or at an unpatrolled beach. Since the system was implemented lifesavers/lifeguards have responded to more than 280 call outs. From an emergency response perspective, Surf Life Saving NSW would gain a lot of benefit from a list and map of all carparks, picnic areas, campsites and beach accesses in NSW. This would also assist in disaster planning.


Weather Patterns

Surf Life Saving NSW could use Daily Weather Observations – and in particular wave height information - to cross reference against rescue and drowning statistics to determine if there are patterns. This would assist in preventative measures and surf education messages


Future Planning

From a future planning perspective, Surf Life Saving NSW would also benefit greatly from having access to tourism and population trends in regional areas along the NSW Coastline, including projected growth figures. This would ensure we can focus on recruiting lifesavers in the right areas and if necessary increasing the number of clubs or patrolling lifeguards in the state.


The information that would assist with our planning includes:

• Tourism and population trends in regional areas along the NSW Coastline

• Up to date projected growth figures

• Car count stats for all beaches in the state

• Beach user numbers for whole state



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