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Greener living made easy.

It takes a lot of investigating and learning (and energy) to be "green". To make it easier for people and businesses to be environmentally friendly a green tic (or similar symbol) could be set up in much the same way as the Heart Foundation's red tick. The tick could be displayed on approved products according to specified standards and a website created which showcases these products and why they received the tick, ...more »


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CSIRO 'National Physical Account and Policy Resource' source data & models

The CSIRO works with government and others to model Australia's future and to give "detailed assessments of development sustainability and the best options to support sustainability in Australia." To support this work the CSIRO has developed the 'National Physical Account and Policy Resource' which includes both the Australian Stocks and Flows Model (ASFF) and OzEcco (an embodied energy model of Australia's economy). ...more »


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