Not for Profit PSI

Using mobile and web 2.0 to build relationships between a hospital and the community it serves

Scenario: You have just had a positive experience in a major public hospital that may have happened due to a planned or unplanned event. You had a great relationship with the nurses and doctors that looked after you. You provided all your patient information including mobile phone number, email and residential address on admission. You leave the hospital feeling much better and thankful that the hospital and its dedicated ...more »


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Patients Medical Records

I am not sure if this idea fits in here or not but here it goes. What about Hospitals, public and private medical centres having access to one portal where they can share, view and access patients medial health records? This will safe time, paper work, the creation of thousands of different databases and money to everyone. I will then be more than happy to go to any GP in Australia knowing they will have my medical ...more »


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