One of the problems that people keep bringing up is the fact that each department/governemnt body keeps re-inventing the wheel to a certain extent. Why not setup a code sharing site or project hosting site for the development of Government Applications. As an example of such a project why don't we have a look at plonegov in the states. This is a shared project between multiple Local Government bodies with the stated ...more »


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Gov 2.0 Innovators

Mosman Municipal Council

I don't know if you're only looking for Federal examples, but one best practice example of Web 2.0 use at a local government level we noticed a few months ago is the Mosman Municipal Council. You can see our full post about it here: http://creativecommons.org.au/node/255 and a case study here: http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Case_Studies/Mosman_Municipal_Council. But in summary, they've published a community engagement ...more »


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