CSIRO 'National Physical Account and Policy Resource' source data & models

The CSIRO works with government and others to model Australia's future and to give "detailed assessments of development sustainability and the best options to support sustainability in Australia." To support this work the CSIRO has developed the 'National Physical Account and Policy Resource' which includes both the Australian Stocks and Flows Model (ASFF) and OzEcco (an embodied energy model of Australia's economy). ...more »


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Whole-of-government online reporting capability

All government departments have the need to report on their public web presence. Building on pageviews, visits and unique visitors, over time they will also need to report on audio/video use and social media, using appropriate metrics for the mechanism. As this is a whole-of-government requirement, it would be more cost-efficient for government to provide a centralised system that any government agency could use for ...more »


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