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Subsidy Scope Au

Ever wanted to find out where government grants & subsidies go? Want to figure out whether more $$ is being spent subsidising coal-fired power plants or renewable energy? Curious about which companies, industries & areas benefit most from different kinds of government spending? How about we start subsidytracker.net - a site that would collate data currently available (in not-particularly-accessible formats) from: -http://www.economicstimulusplan.gov.au/pages/default.aspx... more »


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AusTender Contract Notices, Standing Offers and Suppliers

https://www.tenders.gov.au/ has alot of useful information and an export data feed (https://www.tenders.gov.au/?event=public.reports.listCNWeeklyExport) but it isn't easily accessable and the licencing isn't very friendly. Only 500 records can be downloaded per search; this is about a quiet day's worth of data. This kind of information has been very useful in other mashups such as http://www.usaspending.gov/ and http://data.octo.dc.gov/... more »


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